Police Pension Board

Police Pension Board

The Police Pension Board consists of a Police Officer who serves as President, with 2 individuals appointed by the Village President and 2 additional individuals appointed by the Police Department and confirmed by the Police Pension Board of Trustees.

Adam Kuncl, President, 2004

Elizabeth Palko, Vice President, 2014
Ryan Morton, Trustee
Jon Fritz, Trustee
Erik Barnes, Trustee

All meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held at least four times per year at the Police Department. Meeting agendas will be posted at the Village Hall at least 48 hours before any meeting.

Police Pension Board Duties

As provided by State statute, the Police Pension Board has the following duties: 

1. Operate the Police Pension Fund for sworn police officers.

2. Invest Police Pension funds, maintain records, grant pensions, and consider applications for disability pensions.