Parkway Tree Cost Share Program

The Village offers the Parkway Tree Cost Share Program to Montgomery residents. We will make the program trees a priority for replanting. These trees are for parkway planting only.

The Village's Arborist will evaluate the site to be sure it is suitable for planting. Site restrictions include but are not limited to the proximity to corners, signs, street lights, crosswalks, fire hydrants, utilities, or other trees. It is possible the tree will not be replaced due to these restrictions. To ensure species diversity in our urban forest, the Arborist has prepared a list of recommended species (PDF). The Arborist will work with participants to select a suitable tree replacement species (PDF) for the site.

Residents are encouraged to provide additional watering to ensure the proper establishment of the tree. To improve the ease of establishment, the trees planted will be 2-2.5" in caliper and mulched with 2-3" of hardwood mulch. Trees have no replacement guarantee.

Funding for this program and all Village tree planting is limited, and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis. The homeowner's current involvement cost is $150 per tree. Payment must be received with the application.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 630-896-9241 with additional questions.

Please mail the completed form (PDF) with payment to the Village of Montgomery, Tree Cost Share Program, 200 N. River St., Montgomery, IL 60538; checks should be payable to The Village of Montgomery.