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Montgomery Unveils Plan for Electric Vehicle Readiness

In a move towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the Village of Montgomery proudly announces its commitment to Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness. This initiative aligns with the village’s dedication to environmental stewardship and embraces the future of clean, efficient transportation.

As part of this commitment, the Village works alongside local government agencies participating in the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus EV Readiness Cohort, which began last summer. This pathway provides a fundamental task list and assembles resources for municipal leaders to address barriers to EV infrastructure, engage the community, and participate in technical and safety training for staff. This initiative encompasses the installation of EV charging stations, educational outreach programs, and policy development to incentivize electric vehicle ownership.

For questions about the Village’s commitment to EV Readiness, please contact Senior Planner Tony Farruggia at tfarruggia@montgomeryil.org.

Key components of the Village’s EV Readiness Plan of Action include:

EV Charging Station Installation 
The Village already operates an EV charging station at Village Hall (200 N. River St.). Still, it seeks residential and business partners to commit to eco-friendly transportation to ensure convenient access for residents, businesses, and visitors. To ensure equitable access, the Village will encourage more charging stations to be strategically placed in public parking lots and high-traffic locations, such as multi-family housing areas.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations
Thousands of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are available in the United States. These charging stations are installed in key areas throughout the country for public and workplace charging to supplement residential charging. Most EV owners do the majority of their charging at home.

Station Locations
Find charging stations by location or along a route. Use the Advanced Filters to search for private and planned stations and charging stations to match certain search criteria.

Infrastructure Development
For widespread adoption of EVs, consumers and fleets need a robust network of charging stations. Learn about developing infrastructure to charge these vehicles.