How do I contact animal control?

The Village of Montgomery is located in both Kane and Kendall counties and has a working partnership with the animal control offices in each. Please understand that calls for barking dogs, dogs at large, dog bites, or other animal investigations that occur within the Village of Montgomery jurisdiction should be reported to the Montgomery Police Department by contacting (630) 553-0554. Neither Kane nor Kendall County Animal Control investigate loose dogs or pick them animals from residences within the Village of Montgomery limits.

For more information regarding Kane or Kendall Animal control and their specific duties, please visit their webpages:

Kane County Animal Control

Kendall County Animal Control  

For wildlife and/or birds, the following agencies can be contacted for assistance:

Fox Valley Wildlife in Elburn 630-365-3800

Prairie State Wildlife 630-687-3414

Chicago Bird 773-988-1867

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