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Village Hall Multi-Purpose Room

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  1. Microwave (optional)
  2. Restrooms (optional)
  3. Sink and Refrigerator (optional)
  4. Tables and Chairs (optional)
Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-Purpose Room located in the lower level of the building is available for meetings and functions associated with the Village of Montgomery, local government entities, groups dedicated to the promotion of civic, cultural, educational and informational needs of the community, and local businesses. Tables and chairs are available, but set up of the room is the responsibility of the group using the room.

To apply to use this meeting space, please read the Meeting Room Policy and complete the Application Form at the end of the policy or complete online.

Please return it to:

Village Hall Meeting Room Request
200 N. River Street
Montgomery, IL 60538

Phone: (630) 896-8080 ext. 9003
Fax: (630) 896-0791

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