Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement activities are carried out by Community Development staff. The following codes and ordinances are enforced: Building and Site related portions of the Code of Ordinances, the 2021 International Property Maintenance Code and the Zoning Ordinance and other development related ordinances.

Inspections include such items as exterior property maintenance, structural integrity, signs, weeds, etc. The Code Enforcement Officer can also assist with hoarding or other unsafe situations and will work with landlords regarding rental units. The Village provides a Crime Free Housing lease amendment (PDF) that landlords can use to help prevent criminal activities in rental properties. The various regulations and inspections were established for the general health, safety and welfare of Montgomery's residents. You may also want to refer to the Landlord and Tenant Rights and Laws as published by the State of Illinois.

If a violation is noted during a property inspection, the property owner will be sent a notice describing the violation, and will be given a deadline by which time the violation must be corrected. After the deadline, the property will be reinspected to ensure compliance. A property owner who fails to correct violations in a timely manner will be subject to penalties and fines as provided in the Village code.