Watering Restrictions

The Village of Montgomery recognizes potable water as a finite natural resource; communities within Northwest Water Planning Alliance rely on shared groundwater and surface water sources; and water conservation is a necessary component of a sustainable water supply.

Watering restrictions are essential to water conservation, no matter the water source. They are important throughout the year but become necessary when water use increases in the hot summer. The Village of Montgomery Code of Ordinances Sec. 20-44 restricts water usage during certain hours. 

Lawn Water Sprinkler


All persons using water shall adhere to the following schedules for lawn watering and filling pools larger than 50 gallons:
- All properties with even-numbered street addresses (e.g., 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8) may use water for lawn sprinkling only on even-numbered calendar days between the hours of 6-9A or 6-9P.
- All properties with odd-numbered street addresses (e.g., 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9) may use water for lawn sprinkling only on odd-numbered calendar days between the hours of 6-9A or 6-9P. 
- All properties which cannot be readily identified as having an even or odd numbered street address are designated as even numbers for water conservation purposes.
- No property will be allowed to water for lawn sprinkling on July 31 and August 31 of the calendar year, as these days are deemed conservation days where all lawn sprinkling in the village is prohibited.


There are no restrictions as to the hours or days when water may be used for any of the following:
- Lawn watering, where such watering is done using reclaimed groundwater, recycled effluent, or harvested rainwater (i.e., rain barrel). 
- Watering landscapes, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and gardens,  with a handheld hose not larger than one-inch diameter or utilizing an automatic root feed or drip irrigation system.

- Vehicle and equipment washing, provided all water hoses have positive shutoff nozzles.
- Filling of small pools with 50 gallons of water or less.
- Any other lawful use of water such as bathing, clothes washing, or other standard household uses not otherwise explicitly restricted by the provisions of this section.


The laying of new lawns or landscaping is prohibited between July 1-August 31. 

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Ensuring a sustainable water source for generations to come.


Water conservation is essential to preserve and ensure a sustainable water source for future generations. Currently, the Village of Montgomery's water is sourced from deep sandstone aquifers in the region. With the rapid growth of our area, the current water source is not sustainable. The Village has joined efforts with the Oswego and Yorkville communities to create WaterLink, a joint effort to find an alternative long-term water source for the region.

At the end of 2021, the Village Board selected Lake Michigan water, sourced through DuPage Water Commission, as the future water plan for Montgomery. The transition of water sourcing is an extremely large, but important investment in the community. The transition, set for at or about 2032, will require main water replacement, additional pipe installation, buildout of receiving stations, and additional investment to qualify for access to this great water resource.