Illinois Premise Alert

Illinois Premise Alert

The Illinois Premise Alert Program is a safety program that supports individuals living with disabilities. The PAP is a database of individuals with special needs, which is maintained by the police department. The PAP is set up so that families can voluntarily notify the police department and other first responders about their special circumstances free of charge. It will assist the Montgomery Police Department in identifying individuals with special needs, which will enable the officer to assist the individual better.

Residents served by the Montgomery Police can download the necessary form below, or contact KenCom at 630-553-0911 for a "Premise Alert Program Notification Form". Once the form has been completed it must be returned by mail to KenCom Public Safety Dispatch, Attn: PAP, 1102 Cornell Lane, Yorkville, Illinois 60560.

The PAP information expires 2 years after the data is submitted. It is the submitter’s responsibility to keep us informed of any changes or to request an extension prior to the expiration of the initial and subsequent two-year periods.

Premise Alert Program Form

Secretary Of State Emergency Contact Database

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office established the Emergency Contact Database in July 2009. The database allows Illinois driver’s license, instruction permit and ID cardholders to enter emergency contact information into a voluntary, secure database. In the event of a motor vehicle crash or other emergency situation when a person is unable to communicate directly, law enforcement may access the database to help them reach the person’s designated contacts.

You may add, modify, or delete information at any time. Modifications or deletions will overwrite all previously entered information. For privacy and security purposes, previously entered information is not displayed. You may print the page containing your information for your records.

You may select one or two people as emergency contacts. Emergency contacts do not need to reside in Illinois. It is your responsibility to notify the individuals you have listed as emergency contacts.

If you are interested in using this database, it can be accessed online.