Village Clerk | Debbie Buchanan

Current Term | 2023-2027
Years of Village Service | 2
Occupation | Retired, former Village Deputy Clerk (2000-2022)

Debbie has served the Village since July 2000, first as an employee for 21 years and now as Village Clerk, appointed in 2022 to fill a mid-term vacancy. During her tenure as the Village's Deputy Clerk and Executive Assistant, she worked for the Village Administrator, handling everything from communications, events, administrative duties, and clerk activities. She was heavily involved in coordinating Montgomery Fest, the Tree Lighting, Concerts in the Park, and the Cemetery Walk. Additionally, since 2003 she has been involved in the Historic Preservation Commission, which focuses on preserving and restoring the Settler's Cottage in front of Village Hall. She was instrumental in planning and coordinating the first Cemetery Walk in Riverside Cemetery in 2009, an annual event where the HPC shares stories of past residents of Montgomery. She is very proud of the historic photos and memorabilia collected, preserved, and shared with the community over the past two decades.

She lives with her husband, Dave in Seasons Ridge. They have loved Montgomery since moving here in 1996. They have a busy household with six grandchildren they help to raise. Their other grandchildren are spread out across the country, so they travel during the year for visits as they can.

Clerk Buchanan states, "I love seeing big, unifying events that unite the community since Montgomery is otherwise fractured into various school and park districts. We have wonderful people here in Montgomery, and I hope everyone feels welcome and supported."

The Village Clerk is an elected position. Day-to-day clerk operations are handled by the Deputy Clerk, Hameeda Hashim. For requests or information, please get in touch with Hameeda at 331-212- 9003 or at