Arboretum Accreditation

The Village of Montgomery Arboretum is a collection of trees that serve as a part of the living infrastructure of the community. Nearly 11,000 trees serve Montgomery by cleaning the air, capturing rainwater, reducing erosion, cooling our neighborhoods, and calming the roadway traffic. The trees are thoughtfully arranged in our parkways and public spaces and represent 107 species.

The Village of Montgomery proudly achieved ArbNet Accredited Arboretum Level II in 2023 (in effect through April 2028). 

This recognition of professional standards and capabilities is an essential milestone for the Village and represents advancing goals specific to tree-focused public gardens. The Village of Montgomery is now a part of the Morton Register of Arboreta.

The following enhanced criteria must be met for Arboretum Accreditation at Level II:
- Adopt an Arboretum Plan & Policy
- Create an Organizational or Governance Group
- Maintain at least 100+ labeled Tree and Woody Plant Taxa
- Demonstrate Staff and Volunteer Support (including volunteers, staff, and management)
- Allow Public Access to Tree Collection and Catalogue
- Host at least one Arbor Event Annually
- Offer Enhanced Public and Educational Programs

For more information on the Village's Arboretum Accreditation or tree collection, don't hesitate to contact Forestry Supervisor, Ed Pfaff, by email at or by phone at 630-896-9241.

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Montgomery Public Tree Map

Montgomery Public Trees  Map Graphic

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About ArbNet
ArbNet is an interactive, collaborative, international community of Arboreta. ArbNet facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience, and other resources to help arboreta meet their institutional goals and works to raise professional standards through the ArbNet Accreditation Program, sponsored by The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, in cooperation with the American Public Gardens Association and  Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

The ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program is the only global initiative to officially recognize arboreta based on a set of professional standards. Standards include planning, governance, public access, programming and tree science, planting, and conservation. More information is available at