Halloween Decorations Contest

The Montgomery Beautification Committee sponsors the annual Halloween Display Contest to recognize homes and businesses for outstanding Halloween decorations. Residential or business property owners can self-nominate or nominate a fellow property for their exceptional Spooktacular displays. Nominations open each year around October 1 and close the Sunday before judging, traditionally on the third Wednesday of the month.

Residents can nominate their property or someone else's. All that is needed is the property address. Committee members will then visit the nominated properties to select the winners. The committee will place a sign in front of the properties chosen for an award and ask owners to display their award signs until they remove their decorations.

In 2023, nominations will accept online from October 1-22, and judging will take place on October 25 beginning at 5P. You can nominate a property by submitting the address on the Halloween Display Contest Submission Form or by emailing rmason@montgomeryil.org

Those with questions regarding the contest or are interested in more information about the Montgomery Beautification Committee should contact the Public Works Department. 

This contest is open to Village of Montgomery addresses only. Unincorporated areas such as Boulder Hill are not eligble.

Past Award Winners

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Contest Participants

More than 100 homes entered the Halloween Decorations Contest in 2023.


2023 Halloween Display Recognitions
2023 Contest Dates | Sunday, October 1 through Sunday, October 22