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The Village of Montgomery is an ArbNet-accredited Level II Arboretum. Level II arboreta have at least 100 species of woody plants, employs paid staff, and has an enhanced public education program and a document collections policy. Nearly 11,000 trees serve the community by cleaning the air, capturing rainwater, reducing erosion, cooling our neighborhoods, and calming the traffic on our roadways. The trees are thoughtfully arranged in our parkways and public spaces, representing 107 species.

Arbor Day Tree Dedication & Sapling Giveaway

Arbor Day is a holiday to encourage people to plant trees. Planting a tree represents the belief that the tree will provide our community with cleaner air, a habitat for wildlife, and natural beauty. The Village gives away a limited number of tree saplings yearly to celebrate Arbor Day. 

Each year the Village dedicates a new native Illinois tree species to the Arboretum Garden area in front of the Police Department near the silo along Rt. 30 (11 Civic Center Ave.). The Arbor Day Dedication Ceremony traditionally falls on the Saturday after Arbor Day at 10A. Community members are encouraged to join the Beautification Committee as they plant and dedicate the year's tree. Those attending will receive a chance to win, and the committee will announce winners at 10:30A. 

Winners will take home a sapling of the year and instructions for growing, transplanting, and long-term tree care. In addition, municipal Arborist, Ed Pfaff, is onsite for the event and available to answer any tree or native plant questions that residents may have preparing their yards for the spring and summer seasons.