Right of Way Permits

All Right-of-Way Permits must provide the following at the time of submittal: 

  1. Application with all pertinent information provided.
    Download the application. 
    Right-of-Way Permit Application

  2. Traffic Control Plan

  3. Detailed Site Plan

  4. All contractors and subcontractors must register with the Village of Montgomery. Download the application.
    Contractor Registration 

  5. Fees may apply and will be determined during application review.

Failure to complete all of the above will result in application denial. 

Right-of-Way Permit Application
Contractor Registration
Montgomery Utilities Map

Geographic Information System (GIS) Montgomery, IL

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The Village of Montgomery uses geographic data to help maintain infrastructure and enhance public awareness of the Village services utilities and for the purpose of permitting for development. The map above links to the Village of Montgomery GIS.
Public Right-of-Way


When describing a property interest, the term right-of-way generally refers to land used for transportation purposes. Although most people think of vehicles when using the word transportation, it may also describe the movement of goods like electricity, water, natural gas, or oil. Right-of-way interests are for uses like railroads, electric transmission lines, pipelines, ditches, and roadways.

In Montgomery, the term right-of-way references property interest held by the Village in trust for public use. The Village has these rights in fee and maintains the authority to regulate how and when public members and public or private entities can use the area.

Utility providers (e.g., water, sewer, telecommunications) may place their facilities in the public right-of-way. In some instances, federal and state law provide the Village little control to prevent the use of the right-of-way by these providers. Before work in the right-of-way starts, a company must obtain a permit from the Village. The Right-of-Way Permit does not cover or allow for companies outside of the right-of-way to do work.

A Right-of-Way Permit MUST be obtained BEFORE any work begins in the right-of-way. The permit only covers or allows work by those companies inside the right-of-way area. The permit does not cover any work outside of the right-of-way.