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Mayfield Drive Traffic Calming

After reviewing a recent community survey of the residential homes along and adjacent to Mayfield Drive combined with multi-year traffic assessment data, the Village of Montgomery Village President and Board of Trustees decided to close the road to reduce traffic volume and increase safety to the Montgomery Crossings Townhomes and Saratoga Springs residential subdivisions. This decision was reviewed and voted on at the May 24, 2021, Village Board Meeting (Meeting Minutes 05/24/21). Survey results overwhelmingly indicated that residents from both the Montgomery Crossings Townhomes and Saratoga Springs subdivisions favored closing the street to mitigate existing and future problems. If you were involved in this process, we thank you for your continued support and advocacy for safety in your subdivision. 

On or about July 22, 2021, the Village will place barriers north of the Mayfield Drive and Roxbury Lane intersection. At this time, the road will be closed to local and through traffic. The Village of Montgomery Police Department will be ticketing those who do not comply. Please be mindful of both the speed limits indicated and the new traffic patterns to avoid citations. Please note that fire, ambulance, police, public works, school buses, and Village designated contractors (i.e. garbage trucks) are exempt from the closure.

The Village Board and staff will be closely monitoring and reviewing the success of the closure implementation. They will make a long-term decision on the closure of Mayfield Drive within the next calendar year, but this closure should be considered permanent moving forward. 

If you need clarification or have additional questions please contact our Public Works Department at 630-896-9241.

Presentation to the Village Board on Mayfield Drive Traffic Calming Options
Summary of Mayfield Drive Traffic Calming Options