Water Conservation

Conservation Measures
Our Public Works and Water Utility Billing teams have been working hard to increase accuracy further and reduce water waste.
Water waste or water loss is often due to aging infrastructure or pipes, system leaks, or household plumbing issues. We have aggressively worked towards smart meter installation and are currently 40% complete with total replacement within the Village. Beginning in 2022, the Village moved to a monthly water billing cycle. Smart meters and monthly water billing will allow the Village to better track consumption and give homeowners greater insight into their water use. In addition, the water billing process is often how residents become aware of household water leaks or aging pipe issues.

BILLING | Finance Department | waterbilling@montgomeryil.org | 630-896-1357
WATER QUALITY | Public Works Department | 630-896-9241
SEWER & WASTEWATER TREATMENT | Fox Metro | 630-301-6881

Even Small Leaks = Big Water Loss

The chart, shown below, demonstrates the large impact even the smallest leak may have on water loss. 
CHECK YOUR BILL - early detection is the only way to save water and save you from a costly water bill. For more information visit the water leak information visit the US Environmental Protection Agency website to ready information on water waste and how to locate and correct leaks.
Leak size loss table

Watering Restrictions Apply All Year

Watering restrictions apply all year, for lawn and landscape watering and filling of swimming pools. The designated times are 6A to 9A and 6P to 9P on alternate days. Properties with an even-numbered address may water on even-numbered calendar dates, and odd-numbered addresses may water on odd-numbered dates. The restrictions do not apply to hand-held watering devices, swimming pools holding 50 gallons or less, or vehicle and equipment washing. Please note that watering new sod and landscaping is prohibited during July and August.

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